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       Since its inception, Omedis Healthcare has been ambitiously thriving and widely recognized as a trusted partner in the healthcare industry. Keeping our strict vision and mission in mind, we continue to support our customers by providing a comprehensive line of innovative healthcare products that is significantly improve the patient outcomes & food safety practices every time.

       Today, we’re proud to be the authorized distributor for some prominent companies formidably specialized in the areas of oral care solution, medical tapes & dressing, food sampling and food microbiological testing & hygiene monitoring.

      We’re committed to achieving a high level standard in providing the healthcare servicing !

About Us

Omedis Healthcare supply a vast range of products for many critical areas of healthcare industry. From Oral Care, Medical consumables, Sample Handling, Hygiene Monitoring, Rapid Dehydrated Film Plate to a wide range of laboratory consumables & equipment….


By providing high quality products from leading suppliers, Omedis Healthcare aims to help customers ensure their daily routine practices is conducted efficiency, quickly and accurately. Featured brands are Coltene, 3L  DNP Medica, Kikkoman, Labplas and many more….


Omedis Healthcare actively organizing and participating in educational exhibition, seminar & conference for our customers, both private & government sectors supported by our close partners in the field. Do check on our latest newsletter for activity updates…

Our Range of Distribution


                     Coltene Whaledent AG – Switzerland

Elmex (2)
Elmex Limited – Japan
                  3L Medical Products Group – China

                               Alliance Bio Expertise  – France
            Kikkoman Biochemifa Company – Japan  
                                          Labplas. Inc  – Canada      

How We Can Help…

We have wide range of healthcare products


  • Oral Care Solution:
  • -Endodontics
  • – Restoration
  • – Prosthetics
  • – Rotary Equipment
  • – Treatment Auxiliaries
  • – Infection Control
  • Medical Consumables:
  • – Transparent Dressing
  • – I.V. Dressing
  • – Transparent Wound Dressing
  • – Soft Cloth Wound Dressing
  • – Medical Tapes
  • – PU Incise Drape
  • – Surgical Face Mask
  • Food Hygiene & Safety:
  • – Dehydrated Media
  • – Dehydrated Film Plate
  • – ATP Hygiene Monitoring System
  • – Sampling Handling
  • Laboratory Equipment:
  • – Stomacher
  • – Mediawel
  • – Distriwel
  • – Dosywel
  • – Diluwel
  • – Airwel

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