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About us

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Healthcare services the way it should be.

Since its inception, Omedis Healthcare has been ambitiously thriving and widely recognised as a trusted partner in healthcare industry. Keeping our strict vision and mission in mind, we continue to support our customers by providing a comprehensive line of medical, dental, laboratory as well as food safety products. 

Today, we are proud to be the authorised distributor for some prominent companies worldwide. The companies include:

    i)  Dental

       - Coltene, Switzerland

       - Kavo, UK

    ii) Medical 

       - 3L, China

       - BD Clipper, UK

       - Takex, Japan, 

       - Beya Medical, Turkey

       - Jirin Richeng Medical Equipment, China 

   iii) Food Safety

       - Kikkoman Biochemifa, Japan

With years of experience in healthcare industries, we are committed to achieving a gold standard in providing healthcare solutions to improve patient outcomes.

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