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While it is effective on viruses, it is safe for the human body. Owing to the use of the natural plant based ingredients of food additives only, including Moso Bamboo extract, TAKEX products are safe for the elderly and children


1.Wide range of antibacterial activity

Can eliminate and remove fungus even from virus to saprophytic bacteria.


2.Effective even at wet places

Perform well even it is dilute with water.


3.High durability

Still effective even it is evaporated.


4.High safety level brings and human friendly

All the contents are officially approved as food additives.


5.High deodorizing performance

Quick dissolution and deodorization of bad smelling.




TAKEX Clean Extra Sanitizer (70-80 w/w% Ethanol)

  • 100ml : 100 bottles / box (10Kg)

    500ml : 24 bottles / box (12 Kg)

    1L: 12 bottles / box (12 Kg)

    5L : 2 bottles / box (10 Kg)

  • 1. Food Plant

    2. Eateries

    3. Central Kitchen

    4. Hospital/School

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